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Hi, I’m Hillel. I specialize in formal methods for businesses. You can read more about some of the work I’ve done here. This blog is a mix of deep dives into formal methods and programming topics I find interesting.

Currently I’m not looking for full employment but am available for consulting opportunities.

You can reach me at h at hillelwayne dot com.

Open Invite

I love chatting tech and helping people with problems. So I’m gonna follow in the footsteps of much smarter people than me and have an open invite to email me. If you have something to talk about or questions on anything, feel free to reach out! Some of the things I can help with:

  • If you’re curious about empirical data on software practices, I might happen to know where to find it, or at least where to start looking. Same with general software history.
  • I’m experienced in TLA+ and Alloy and am happy to answer questions about either. Or just how to start with formal methods in general.
  • I can review drafts of essays and conference proposals. I like editing!

And some things you can help me with:

  • If you see anything wrong with a post I wrote, please let me know! If you have something to say about a post in general, please let me know!
  • If there’s something you’re just excited about in general. I love hearing about people’s passions, even if I don’t necessarily share them.
  • I’m always on the lookout for interesting new essays or papers in software engineering. Got something neat you found? Send it my way.
  • Book recs, software recs, and tooling recs are always appreciated. I especially like mindbending software paradigms far outside my normal experiences.

Don’t feel like you have to trade me something if you only have questions. I’m just happy to help!

I’m also down to meet in Chicago if you’re in the area.