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Learn AutoHotKey by stealing my scripts

tl;dr annotated AHK scripts here.

Anybody who’s spent time with me knows how much I love AutoHotKey, the flat-out best Windows automation tool in the world. Anybody’s who’s tried to use AutoHotKey knows how intimidating it can be. So to help with that, I’m sharing (almost) all of my scripts along with extensive explanations. There’s fourteen files in total, covering (among other things):

  1. Fast open specific folders on your computer
  2. Fast insertion of the current date, em-dashes, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯s
  3. How to extend any program with new hotkeys
  4. A modal hotkey system if you’re a vim fan like me
  5. A simple GUI demo
  6. A script to convert any timestamp into UTC and your local time:

This is also an example of an educational codebase, a codebase designed specifically from people to learn from. So everything is heavily commented with “what” it’s doing and sometimes why I’m doing it that specific way. I wrote a bit about the theory of educational codebases over at my newsletter. Feel free to file an issue if you’d like to see something explained better!