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What We Can Learn From Software History

Official Description: [N/A: I did not provide a description.]

Actual Description: History is good!!! Yay history

Talk is here. Slides are here.


I referenced a bunch of sources in my talk. These are links so you can read them yourself:

Sources on the history of SOLID included Robert Martin’s original 11 commandments and “Principles of OOD”. Picture of RCM by Tim-bezhashvyly. Shown books were Clean Code, Clean Architecture, and Agile Software Development.

SOLID quotes were from:

Linked list question taken from here.

Information about 90’s interview questions kicked off by this tweet, with private interview followups. Information about 1980’s interview questions are from personal correspondence with members of the Chicago ACM. Graphs on CS jobs and degrees were from America’s New Deficit: The Shortage of Information Technology Workers.

Usenet dumps were all from usenet-net, and included, net.lang.c, net.lang.prolog, etc.

The Spolsky article referenced was The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing.

Where to Start Research


These are questions I got after the talk. I will add more as people ask them.